Finding Homeowners Insurance

Finding Homeowners Insurance

If you have finally reached a decision to insure your home we salute you – you have made a right decision. Your home is your most valuable asset; it makes sense to insure it against any kind of natural disaster, fire or accident. But at the same time there are a small million of insurance companies out there, the contracts are way too long, and you don’t want to be overpaying for something you thought would be included in the first place. Here are a few tips for making a smart decision regarding the insurance of your home:

  • Install security features in your house

This is also a great tip for valuing insurance providers. Some insurance providers offer discounts for homes that have security features installed. So the way to go is find the insurance companies who offer discounts and install security and smoke detectors. This way you’ll feel safer and pay less.

  • Find an insurance company that allows discounts beyond the written ones

This may come as a surprise but there are many other discounts available by some insurance companies beyond the ones that include installing security features. You may be eligible for discounts that include: multi-policy discounts, senior citizen discounts, nonsmokers discounts, claim-free discounts, marital status discounts etc. There are probably discounts that even we are not familiar with, and the only way to make sure you get them is to ask for them.

  • Don’t insure your lot

Probably stating the obvious here, but if you have already insured your house, don’t insure your lot. It will not get burnt or stolen.

  • Inventory your possessions

This is a very smart move you are expected to make, and it comes after selecting an insurance company. Make sure you always have a fresh list of inventory of your stuff at home. Again, it may be stating the obvious but be aware that you may be insuring your possessions and then if something bad happens you may not know all of them.

  • Raise your deductible

This move comes to mind only if you are really overpaying for insurance or if money is really tight in your household. When you decide to raise your deductible you raise the amount of money you are supposed to pay if any kind of accident should happen, but you decrease the amount you are required to pay for your insuring your home. Also, if you already have an emergency fund this kind of move would be smart, since if anything should happen you can use that money to pay the increased amount you are required to pay with your new insurance plan.

  • Review your insurance company periodically

As prices and possessions change, review your insurance company and policies to make sure you still need them. Stating the obvious for the third time – but you would be surprised how forgettable people can be. Homeowners Insurance MA is a great way to get yourselves insured.

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