Finding Repair For Your Furnace

Finding Repair For Your Furnace

When your furnace is not working properly, it can not only affect the quality of the air, it can have a significant impact on your wallet too. The best way to ensure that your furnace is running at peak performance is to be able to identify the warning signs that it is in need of maintenance and repair. Once you have identified those warning signs, the next step would be to contact the professionals at to repair the furnace as soon as possible.



One of the easiest ways to tell that the heating system is not working properly is that you notice there is no heat coming out of the vents. One thing you can try first is to check the circuit breaker and make certain that the switch is on. If this doesn’t work, the furnace may be having difficulties with the ignitor or the blow motor. In either event, this is something that should be left to the professionals. In many cases it could be as simple as an adjustment that could fix the problem.



When you notice that the air quality has a musty smell or you see a larger than normal buildup of dust, this is a sign that the furnace is in need of repair. Many times it could be as simple as a clogged filter, but when the air begins to smell, the motor could be overheating and running at a higher rate than normal. Clogged filters are responsible for more problems with motors than any other cause. This simple filter needs to be changed often, especially if you are located near areas with poor air quality. Once the filter is clogged, you are suffocating the blower motor and can cause the entire system to seize. Call a professional immediately when you smell an unpleasant odor homing from the heating vents.



Periodically check your utility bill to see how usage compares to previous months and to previous years. Many times your bill will give you a breakdown of past charges so you can compare. Of course the bill will go up in the colder months, but when the bill is excessive, it could be a sign that the furnace is not running properly. When the motor has to run harder to produce the same amount of heat, your bill can often double from the same time last year. This is a good indication that the furnace needs to be tuned up and possibly repaired. The experts at will be able to come out and quickly diagnose what is wrong with your system and repair it so that you are not spending money that you do not need to spend. The cost of the repair can easily be offset by the savings in your utility bill.

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