Mosquito Misting Systems

mosquito misting systemsSummer’s most awful guests are mosquitoes. These tiny bloodsuckers are pretty difficult to get rid of. Then try installing mosquito misting systems in your yard, if you are experiencing some serious mosquito problem. When you use pesticide sprays that contain permethrin and pytethins, they will not only kill mosquitoes but they also remove other harmful insects as well. Moreover, some other types of pesticides are harmful to your pets and family as they could present potential risks. While a mosquito misting system is pretty safe as they don’t cause any skin allergies or breathing problems. These mosquito systems are remote controlled or timed which mist the insecticide and kill mosquitoes. According to the EPA, these misting systems provide temporary relief.


How Does This Work


Mosquito misters are also known by another term, outdoor residential misting systems.
This particular application system is designed in such a way that it sprays pesticides in a fine mist. This in turn kills other outdoor insects as well as the mosquitoes. This application works around the perimeter of the house, and these spray nozzles can be mounted on. The spray nozzles are linked to a tube that contains a supply of pesticide. Use can activate this with the help of a switch or by using a remote controller. Some other systems can also be turned on automatically by setting a timer.


EPA Friendly


The pesticides that are used in these residential misting systems have permethrin and pyrethrins. These substances are made of piperonyl butoxide. Before you purchase any of the insecticides, it is best to check their chemical composition on the label of the pack. There are some chemicals that are banned by EPA. Hence, one can use minimal risk pesticides in their misting systems. Make sure you check the chemicals that are in the mister to make sure it is EPA friendly.


Advanced Systems


The specially designed nozzles are fixed about every12-14 feet around the perimeter of your house or the part of your yard you would like to protect. This will ensure a mosquito free yard. These systems are installed by a pest control professionals. They have a well-planned idea while placing these systems. Mosquito misters have a holding reservoir that not only stores the chemical but also regulate their release with the help of a digital timer. The misting nozzles are made up of stainless steel and high quality brass that can last longer.


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