Self Contracting your Own Home

Self Contracting your Own Home

A home owner who becomes his or her own contractor has to understand everything about construction. Construction not only involves work sequencing, but also management of resources, such as money, people and tools. The contractor has to know how much time each part of the job would take, who can do the job and in what order the project needs to be performed. You have always wanted to update your bathtub in your upstairs or replace the sink and the shower area. Perhaps you are looking to replace the existing bedroom to accommodate your growing business needs. Your home projects may seem like worth undertakings and you may decide to make these changes to your home yourself. But before you start, consider the following questions:


Do you know what you are doing?
It is not enough to be an amateur plumber or a carpenter for your renovation project – you need to know how to plan for it, as well as do the job. If you have some experience in renovating home spaces, and the project that is currently in hand is not too complex, go for it. Otherwise your workmanship is going to be on display for potential buyers of your home, and if the job turns out whacky, it could cost you both time and money later.


Do you have the right tools and equipments to do the job?
If you don’t have the right type of tools for the project, you can always buy them or rent them, but know that buying tools is an expense that will make your project more costly.


How much will your project cost?
It is true that by self contracting your own home construction or renovation project, you will be saving on professional contractor’s fees and other labor costs. At the same time, you won’t be receiving any contractor discounts from the store for materials and equipments. As with any do it yourself project, your project will cost more in the end, so anticipate at least 25 percent more than the originally determined budget. Also, keep in mind that if you make a mistake on any part, you will have to redo it and pay for it.


Do you have insurance for the project?
If you are having family or friends come over to help you, you need to make sure that the homeowners’ insurance policy covers the cost of any accidental injuries during the work. On the other hand, if you are bringing in subcontractors from outside, your insurance needs are going to be more. The insurance should not only cover the injuries the workers might suffer but also for damage they might cause to third parties.


Do you need permit?
You will need to get a building or renovation permit from the city planning department. If exterior work in involved, the zoning department need to inspect for proper uses of the property in the future.

Keep in mind that, when you become your own contractor, you take on all the responsibilities of a contractor. For dumpster rental in Indianapolis while contracting.

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